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About Dr. Santha Kumar

A seasoned international education leader, Dr. Santha Kumar is driven by a profound passion for learning and innovation. Over the past 25 years in the field of international education, he has steadfastly believed in the potential of every student to achieve the highest quality of learning with the right support. Read more ....

Technology Program Audit

A technology program audit for international schools encompasses various aspects to ensure that the school's technological infrastructure, policies, and practices are aligned with its educational goals and standards. This normally involves a two or three day site visit, apart from advanced access to documents, policies etc.

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STEM/STEAM Program Audit

A STEM/STEAM program audit for international schools assesses various aspects of the school's STEM/STEAM initiatives to ensure alignment with educational goals, integration into the curriculum, and effectiveness in promoting student engagement and learning. This normally involves a two or three day site visit, apart from advanced access to documents, policies etc.
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Technology Strategic Planning

Technology strategic planning for schools involves developing a comprehensive roadmap that outlines how technology will be integrated into various aspects of education to support teaching, learning, administration, and overall school improvement goals. The consultant shall guide you through this process, resulting in a three-year tech plan for the school. This can be done either onsite or remotely.
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AI Literacy

AI literacy, or the understanding of artificial intelligence concepts and applications, can promote productivity for teachers in international schools in several ways. The goal is to reduce time spent on redundant tasks using AI, so the teachers and administrators can focus their attention on student engagement and learning. This session highlights the various tools available and how they could be used in the classroom. This can be done either onsite or online.

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Blended Learning

Blended learning provides teachers with greater flexibility in managing their time and resources. By incorporating online learning activities and resources, teachers can optimize classroom time for meaningful interactions, discussions, and hands-on activities that deepen understanding and foster critical thinking skills. This session focuses on the various models and approaches and how they could be utilized to create a hybrid classroom. This can be done either onsite or online.

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Data Analytics

Data analytics plays a crucial role in advancing student outcomes and enhancing the effectiveness of international schools. However, despite generating copious amounts of data, these valuable insights often remain siloed among different stakeholders within the school community. To address this issue, implementing a comprehensive data analytics platform is essential. This platform consolidates pertinent data, making it readily accessible to key stakeholders. Furthermore, it generates insightful analytics to empower stakeholders in making informed decisions. This can be done either onsite or remotely.
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Years in Education
Years in International Education
Years of Technology Leadership
Hours of Training Delivered

Education & Work Experience

  • 2023 - Present International Education Consultant
    Supporting schools to transform learning in classrooms through program audit, strategic planning, leadership support, professional development and data analytics.
  • 2020 - 2022 Executive Director of Learning, Innovation & Technology International Community School of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Led the Office of Learning and supervised the areas of professional learning, curriculum development, library, innovation, and technology
    ● Highly Effective & Learning Progressive Environment
           ○ Established structures, practices & agency
    ● Schoolwide definition of Hub communities & PLEx
    ● Secured US State dept. Security grant of $1.1 million
    ● Led the school towards Concept-based curriculum
    ● Introduced Schoolwide Data Analytics
  • 2017 - 2020 Director of Technology & Innovation Cairo American College, Egypt
    Led the Office of Technology & Innovation and supervised the areas of tech infrastructure, educational technology, innovation & library services
    ● Established Instructional Rounds for improving instructional practice
    ● Introduced Personalized Learning in MS
    ● Introduced Data Analytics for data-informed conversations
    ● Established MAD Lab (Make & Design Lab)
  • 2012-2017 ICT DIRECTOR
    International School of Tanganyika | Tanzania |
    Led school-wide technology development in both infrastructure and education and supervised a team of IT professionals and educational tech coaches
    ● Established the first-of-its-kind IT infrastructure in East Africa
    ● Introduced the Tech Coaches model
    ● Established Internet Infrastructure for two campuses and teacher housing
    ● Led the AISA CoP on Technology
           ○ Introduced Apple VPP for AISA Schools
           ○ Negotiated Adobe Digital Suite licensing for AISA schools
    ● Organized East Africa Google Summit
    International School of Dakar | Senegal |
    Led school-wide technology development and educational tech.
    ● Developed the school into an EdTech Leader in the region
           ○ Developed the tech infrastructure and programs
           ○ Introduced 1:1 Tablet model
    ● Hosted AISA Conference in Dakar
    ● Served as a Tech Consultant for AISA schools
    Saigon South International School | Vietnam |
    Led school-wide technology development and educational tech.
    ● Established the first network infrastructure from scratch
    ● Curriculum development for EdTech
  • 1998-2002
    Thai Sikh International School | Thailand |
    ● Established the first Educational Technology department at TSIS
    ● Developed frameworks and trained teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom

    International School Leadership
    University of San Diego
    Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership
    Harvard University
    Masters Degree in Educational Technology
    Michigan State University
    Masters Degree in Science Physics
    Annamalai University

Tech-Forward Allies: Shaping Tomorrow's Educational Landscape

Discover the schools we've had the privilege of collaborating with on our journey to redefine education through technology. Each school we partner with shares our passion for innovation and our commitment to providing students with the best possible learning experiences. Through tailored consultations and strategic implementations, we've helped schools unlock their full potential and embrace technology as a catalyst for positive change.
Santha’s greatest contribution is in the person he is; the character, integrity, grace, care for students, industry, professionalism, knowledge, collaboration, and flexibility which he brings to the school.

Gerry Keener
HOS 2002-08
Saigon South IS, Vietnam
Santha has excellent leadership skills. He is an innovative, forward-looking problem solver. He is very supportive of other staff members and their efforts and is always willing to reach out and help whenever there is a task to be done.

Michael Connolly
MS/HS Principal 2005-07
Saigon South IS, Vietnam
Santha is an outstanding educator, a thoughtful practitioner, a knowledgeable resource, and he has -during his four years in Dakar – contributed in many ways to making ISD a better school and a leader in Africa in Tech in Education.

Wayne Rutherford
Director2007-12, Int’l School of Dakar & Director 2013-2019, Cairo American College, Egypt
Santha effects change in schools - one school at a time…
Zane Dickey
Tech Coach
Int’l School of Dakar

Santha is a mission-focused leader.
Josianne Fitzgerald Librarian Cairo American College. Egypt

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